What’s the 6th tool?

Ball players are constantly working and trying to enhance their five “gradable” tools, some of which are God given.

  1. The ability to hit,
  2. The ability to hit for power,
  3. The ability to defend,
  4. The player’s arm strength,
  5. The player’s foot speed.

With our teams it is no different, however, we work equally as hard on the sixth tool, which separates us from others. The 6th Tool encompasses a lot, but at its foundation it is:

     6.  Aggressive play.

Hall of Famer Robin Yount once said, “If you can’t run 90 feet hard four times in a game you have no business playing this game.” At 6 Tool Baseball School we take pride in hard play. We have hustle rules that we ask all players and teams to follow. We track 6 Tool traits in each game and we reward players not for multiple hit games but for 6th Tool execution.

6 Tool Baseball is about advancing 90 feet on a ball in the dirt, it’s about hustling down the line and putting pressure on the opponent, it’s about turning a single into a double and forcing the opposition to make a play.

It’s also about carrying yourself with confidence and “knowing you can vs. thinking you can.” It’s about respecting your opponent, the umpires, and putting team success in front of individual achievement. It’s about respecting the game and understanding it, being a good teammate and representing.