About Us

The 6 Tool Baseball School is a select youth baseball program.  The program was originally created by Marquette University High School’s Head Varsity Baseball Coach Sal Bando, Jr.

6 Tool competes in the MAJOR Youth Baseball League and will play in an additional 4-9 tournaments every summer. Our goal is to play most, if not all of our games in Wisconsin to minimize travel; however, some of our premier teams will travel out of state for special trips or tournaments.  Each coach decides the team’s schedule and will communicate that to the parents.

The 6 Tool Baseball School is dedicated to player development and will sacrifice any short term benefits for long term gains. While creating a winning culture is important, and teaching kids how to win is equally important, the win loss record of a U12 team is insignificant to teaching kids the game, developing their skill set and learning the 6 Tool way.